5 Hauntingly Hot Halloween Costumes of 2016

by Kate Pelican on August 29, 2016

Halloween is coming up on us in a hurry, so it’s just about time to pick out this year’s outfit. But with so many choices out there this year, it’s hard to nail down the right Halloween costume! Do you go sexy or stylish? Vintage or modern? There’s a slew of questions that you have to answer before you can properly decide on the right choice. That’s why we’re here to help guide you to the hottest trends for Halloween this year. We’ve gone through the research, tracked out the trends, and we’ve nailed down the 5 best Halloween costumes for 2016.

Mermaids made a splash a couple of decades back with the release of the Little Mermaid, but because of Disney and Pixar’s continued success along with vintage trends coming back in style, the mermaid trend has been coming back with a vengeance. But this isn’t your childhood Ariel costume we’re talking about. Something sexy is in order this year to break you away from your youth and into your prime, such as a mermaid print bikini top with a matching shorts or even a long leg version to really wow at any party this year!

5 Hauntingly Hot Halloween Costumes of 2016
Super Heroes and super villains, have never been hotter with the release of movies such as Suicide Squad, Deadpool, and Captain America: Civil War, so it just makes sense that the superhero trend is going to be hotter than ever! Although Batman, Superman, and Iron Man costumes will be seen all over the place on October 31st, that doesn’t mean all you ladies can’t join in on all the fun. In fact, with options from do-gooders like Wonder Woman and Superwoman along with evil-doers like Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and more, it looks like women are finally going to get the better end of the deal this year on the comic book trend this year!

5 Hauntingly Hot Halloween Costumes of 2016
Avast, ye mateys! Pirates are taking over this Halloween with the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean reviving the trend. Expect Jack Sparrow to be walking around nearly every party or bar you stroll into, with deckhands and first mates everywhere. And with costumes and accessories that have truly stepped up their game from years past, including stylish brocade hats and jackets, puffy shirts, and gorgeously detailed plastic swords.

Native American costumes have become increasingly popular among women lately, especially in the rave and EDM world. This increased popularity has resulted in a massive demand for more detailed and culturally accurate costumes and accessories such as feathered headdresses, head bands, beaded necklaces, and more. While these costumes can certainly be sexy and stylish, with Pocahontas and Sitting Bull becoming all the rage, keep in mind the cultural nature of these outfits and ensure your costume is a hit while also being inoffensive.

5 Hauntingly Hot Halloween Costumes of 2016
Finally, what’s better than the classic Sexy Nurse Halloween costume? This trend is so popular and so stylish it may never die out! And because of its long run of success throughout the years, there are tons of styles to choose from! From short skirts and long stockings, to the classic Candy Stripper outfit, going as the quintessential sexy nurse is always safe yet sexy option for anyone!

5 Hauntingly Hot Halloween Costumes of 2016
No matter where you may roam this Halloween, you can never go wrong with any one of these five options to make sure this hauntingly fantastic holiday is as fun as possible. Whether you’re heading out on the town to party it up, trying to win a Halloween costume contest, or just spending it with some close friends at a house party, these hot trends are guaranteed to turn some heads and ensure you’re on top of the most current trends of this season. The only question remaining is which costume will you go for?


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