Tila Tequila Parties with Musotica!

by Susanna Wallner on April 12, 2008
M:For the second season of your show “A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila” you used our new crochet swimwear. How did you find Musotica.com?

T:My make-up artist is friends with the owner, Sarah Wallner. She told me about her sexy crochet swimwear line and said I have to check it out. So she called your office and you girls send us all kind of cool stuff.

M:What do you think about the crochet one-pieces? You like the pink one, we know, since you send us a picture which we posted on our web site.

T:First time I saw her line I knew I had to have it for my show. I love her stuff. And the pink one is my favorite, it suits my skin color best, don’t you think?

M:How did you get your name: Tila Tequila?

T:As I was 13 years old I went out with my friends and drank for the first time. You see I am allergic of alcohol. And we drank tequila. I puked everywhere and got hypes and next day at school everybody started to call me Tila Tequila.

M:A lot of people say that you are not really bisexual. It is only for the show.

T:It’s totally silly. It’s like everyone usually gets accused for being in the closet gay and I am in the closet straight.

M:When did your bisexuality start?

T:Before I was 10 years old I had experiences with women. We were playing games and one day I started to feel something there, you know. When I was 11 and got to middle school, I really knew. I was in the PE room where all the cheerleader girls got dressed, listening to all those girls talking about shaving and stuff. And I am like “What is this feeling?” Why do I like Evangelina? That was the moment I knew.

M:How did you find out about guys?

T:I didn’t know until I was in high school.

M:So can go either way?

T:Yes, it just depends how I feel.

M:What is the biggest difference between hooking up with a girl and a boy?

T:With a girl it is a lot easier. There is a natural bond. With a guy I have y guards up a little bit more. You have to play the game. With girls you have a comfort zone. At the same token if it is the time of the month, girls usually have bad cat fights. You do not want to be around at this time, believe me.

M:What about your music career?

T:I am definitely into music. I just released my second single called “I love you”. Stripper friends is the next one which is already out on I-Tunes. Next year I will put out a whole record and hopefully can go on tour. At the moment I am writing a book. I think everything is going to pop off.

M:What are the worst jobs you have ever done?

T:I was a telemarketer. And everybody always screamed at me to get rid of the number and never to call again (laughs). And I worked din the mall which was pretty bad, too.

M:What do your parents think of your exposure?

T:My parents are very proud of me. They are very strict Asian parents of course. But I put right out to them. I talked to them what I wanted to do and I did it. And now I can take care of the family and my friends.

Her second season of “A shot at Love with Tila Tequila” starts April, 22, 2008 on MTV Networks. http://www.tilashotspot.com

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  • Tila Tequila Parties with Musotica!Tila Tequila Parties with Musotica!

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