The 2009 Petticoat Invasion by

by Susanna Wallner on June 24, 2009
2009 seams to be the most innovative year for the petticoat to date!

The petticoat isn't just an "accessory" anymore, but an actual "costume"! We used to buy the solid white petticoat that no one really saw unless it showed a little trim under your Halloween costume. We are used to seeing these amazing petticoat pictures with a fluffy look as beautiful as a cloud, but then when you received the package the petticoat was crumpled up, needed to be steamed, and even then it would not look that good. No one really cared since its only purpose was to make the skirt of your Halloween costume look puffy and show a little lace trim.

Today it is a totally different story! Petticoats come in many different colors, shapes, lengths and even qualities. It is not an accessory any more but more the "whole" costume. It gets accessorized and matched up with shoes, hats, stockings and other accessories to create your fabulous costume. Petticoats have been seen in music videos, magazines, on concert stages and TV shows all over the world.

The petticoat has become a star.

2009 IS the year of the Petticoat. It comes in many different solid colors with matching lace trim, colored silk trim, double or tripled layered, see-through, sheer, polka dotted, glitter finished, sequenced, striped and even decorated with stars! In addition, besides the many color variations, it is no longer offered in only two lengths. Petticoats are offered in variety of lengths just right for everyone. The new lengths work for the more modest person to the person who's not very shy at all! Perfect for the not so tall, the very tall and even Petticoats it in plus size.

Once I had a costumer call me and complain that our petticoats were too sheer for her daughter. Instead of telling her that a petticoat is supposed to be under a non-sheer skirt and not the actual "skirt", I simply told her to buy two and layer them. She loved the idea and thanked me. If you cannot find your correct "sheerness" or your perfect "puffy" look you just simply double up your petticoat. And if you are really daring, buy two colors and double them up or even a shorter petticoat layered on top of a longer one. Do it!

The 2009 is the year of the petticoat! If you want to save money and have a "non-recession" Halloween look, play with the many petticoat variations and looks you can achieve. You will have that original Halloween Costume you were looking for and even an accessory that you can use all year long.

This article was written by Sarah Wallner, wardrobe stylist and owner of

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