Musotica’s Crochet BeachWear line is featured in AVN 2010 Intimates Issue

by Susanna Wallner on April 01, 2010
Musotica’s Crochet beachwear line was featured in AVN Intimate’s April 2010 special lingerie issue. Looking for something new and exciting AVN found what they were looking for in Musotica’s Crochet Beachwear line designed by celebrity stylist Sarah Wallner and seen on a vast array of Hollywood A-list celebrities. Taken from the vintage 70’s look Musotica was able to recreate and improve crochet swimwear with high quality material and stretchablilty. This is a swimwear line that not only appeals to the young women of today that want to be as different as possible but also lets the older women of today take a ride on memory lane with a modern twist. This type of swimwear is what everyone is looking for to make them stand out in the crowd and get that aw of envy from on lookers. Musotica’s crochet line is not only known as swimwear but also can be worn as a new style of lingerie.


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