‘Catty,’ captivating headdress already huge Halloween hit!

by Susanna Wallner on July 29, 2011
Not since the late, great John Candy played Barf in Mel Brook’s cult parody “Spaceballs,” has faux fur headdress captures so much media attention in Hollywood. In fact, it was the 1988 cult spoof that inspired a top celebrity stylists to further fuel the faux fur hoody fashion craze popularized by celebrities such as Vanessa Hudgens, Pink, Khloe Kardashian and others.

“I was flipping through the movie channels late one night when I happened upon Spaceballs, and I couldn’t believe it,” said Sarah Wallner, an Italian-born celebrity stylists and founder of Musotica.com – a popular sexy lingerie and fitness wear destination. “There was John Candy wearing, in essence, an absolutely awesome animal hoody. He played this hilarious character named Barf – a half-man, half-dog who quipped during the movie, ‘I’m my own best friend.”

Inspired by movie’s costuming gem, Wallner, also known for her provocative magazine cover styling work for Playboy Magazine and FitnessRx, began conjuring up ways she could take the animal hoody concept to new hights for women looking for an ultra-sexy, totally unique Halloween look.

“With Halloween coming, I started thinking about faux fur hoody concepts that would truly accentuate a women’s sexiness, playfulness, attitude in a very sexy, seductive way,” she said. “We just sat down at the drawing board and just let the fur fly, so to speak, allowing the claws to come out in a fabulous way.”

One of Wallner’s most popular faux fur animal hoodies in her growing menagerie is the Bengal Cat Fur Hoody. “People weren’t waiting for Halloween, she said. “As soon as I introduced this Spirit Hood on Musotica.com – it was a hit. Everybody loves the attention to detail, which includes a lace up back corset with boning detail and fur trim. It also comes with a faux fur mini skirt, resplendent with a fur tail of course.”

Wallner says it’s easy to understand why her Halloween animal costumes are flying off her website. “Hey, they’re flat out fun, sexy, flattering with plenty of latitude for attitude,” she says. “They allow a women to show off their basic animal urges in a very creative and personal way.”

If you’re feeling sexy, silly – even a little catty – Wallner invites you to check out Musotica.com… but advises against feeding the animals.

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