Techno and House beat will have ‘fur flying’ this Halloween, says top Hollywood stylist Sarah Wallner.

by Susanna Wallner on August 26, 2012
The reverberating thumping and flashing lights forever linked with Techno and House music will have the faux “fur flying” at Halloween parties throughout the country October 31st, according to popular Hollywood stylist and fashion designer Sarah Wallner.

“Techno and House music is having a surprisingly large impact on what women will be wearing this Halloween,” said Wallner, founder of – a fashion destination for celebrities, models, businesswomen, soccer moms and “any woman interested in expressing her creative, athletic and sexy side.“

Wallner says its line of sexy faux fur animal costumes – from sultry Bears and cuddly Emperor Penguins, to Big Bad Wolves and even Ice Age Mammoths -- are stampeding off Musotica’s online shelves, as women of all ages prepare to make a big splash this Halloween.

“And while some of these fun faux furs are perennial best sellers on our website, many new additions are following a techno and house drumbeat virtually note for note,” she said. “For example, I noticed that lots of women were wearing these wonderful leg warmers to after-hours techno and house clubs, so we worked with our vendors to develop brightly colored, crazy leg warmers perfect for those chilly, early morning parties,” she explained. “And since you can’t stage a Rave Party without flashing, neon lights… our fishnets and leg warmers reflect those pulsating, wild neon colors in order to match the action on the dance floor.”

According to Wallner, who has styled magazine covers for Playboy, Maxim, Fitness RX, and Oxygen, another hot item this Halloween is Club and Rave wear hoods, gloves and legwarmers incorporating twinkling techno LED lights. “Outfitting accessories with LED lights, such as faux fur hot pink heart adorning a legwarmer, is a natural progression of costuming reflecting the fun party atmosphere of Techno and House music.”

Wallner says other techno-inspired Halloween costumes for 2012 include a Fur Rainbow Rolling Pony Girl outfit featuring a deluxe corset with side zip and lace-up detail. “And let’s not forget the attached faux fur rainbow tail,” she added. “Let’s face it, it takes an amazing costume to compete with, and even complement Techno and House Music. If you fail to take the music and dancing into account with the outfit you select, you run the risk of becoming totally overshadowed by the Halloween party – and no girl is interested in that happening.”

One of the most popular faux fur costumes in Wallner’s growing Halloween menagerie has seemingly nothing to do with Techno or House Music. “It’s our Pepe Le Pew Skunk Costume. I know, you would never think about a skunk as being sexy, but this incredibly flattering and sexy outfit gets tremendous reviews at every Rave Halloween Party year after year.”

While Wallner may not be able to predict exactly what’s going to be hot for Halloween circa 2013, she says that by following the music and dance scene – you can make an educated guess and design your Halloween selection accordingly. “But no doubt about it, it’s going to be a Techno and House music Halloween this year, and our sales are reflecting just that.”

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