Ring Girl Extraordinaire Rachel Anne Seen In Fit By M

by Deva N on November 03, 2015

There's no denying it, Rachel Anne McDonough looks fantastic in Fit By M. She's been seen out and about in her very own set of Fit By M. Not only is Rachel Anne an accomplished Ring Girl in HBO's biggest nights, Rachel Anne is a dancer, actress, and model. You've probably seen her on SyFy's Face Off Model or at an HBO boxing match at the center of the ring.

Rachel Anne in Fit By M

To maintain three such taxing careers while upholding a standard of beauty we all strive for, Rachel Anne has to make sure she maintains her sexy look, that's where Fit By M comes in. Rachel Anne says, “Out of town and I love trying on new workout outfits... Thank you [Fit By M] love the Halloween colors.” There's no denying there's fun to be had in a new set of fitness clothes.

Rachel Anne in the Ring

Whether your in the ring for the next Pacquiao fight or reaching your next goal, it's your time to look fantastic and feel great. Rachel Anne has this down to a T!




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