How to dress for the hot girl summer you deserve

by Stephanie Mulholland on August 02, 2021

The best hot girl summer dresses

A phrase coined and reinvented by Megan thee Stallion, hot girl summer has finally arrived!

Across social media, women are celebrating hot girl summer, dressing with confidence and enjoying the best the summer sunshine has to offer with a focus on their wellbeing and happiness. 

This body positive movement is all about self-confidence, self-care and female empowerment. 

Here’s what to consider when picking your hot girl summer staple dresses:


Opt for a splash of color 

Of course, you may look sensational in red, it may be your color. But why not give something new a try? Don’t be afraid of color. 

Firsty, think about which colors look great on you and do your own research. For example, the color red compliments yellow, white, orange, green, blue and black on the color wheel.

There may be colors you wouldn’t even consider that will make you feel sensational! 

Take a risk and try a new style

Everyone has their go-to comfort dress, it looks incredible and you simply couldn’t live without it. 

However, this comfort sometimes puts us off trying something new and it’s a fantastic idea to switch things up from time to time. 

This summer is the perfect opportunity to make a statement with your style and embrace a new and unique trend. You could try a sleeveless dress, opt for a turtleneck dress or let a ribbed dress do all the talking. We’re also a big fan of mini dresses as a go-to summer staple


Embrace sexy and you’ll become it

What does sexy look like to you? Style and sexyness come hand in hand. 

When picking your new summer dress you have to stop and think. What makes you feel good and how can you switch that up and give it a super stylish edge? 

Wear a smile that matches your killer outfit 

Happiness is key to a hot girl summer and a beaming smile encapsulates that. 

When we’re happy, our confidence can’t help but shine through. It’s simple, when we feel good, we look good. 

Let your confidence shine through

When you dress to impress yourself and focus on you, your confidence is ultimately going to shine through - and all eyes will be on you! 

Pick a dress that expresses your inner confidence and ultimately empowers you. Once you do that, your confidence will shine through. 


It’s simple really, hot girl summer is all about focusing on number one! Focus on your style and your confidence and happiness will follow. Don’t be afraid to take a risk and be sure to embrace all that this summer has to offer! 

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