Why festival fashion is here to stay - a look at The Festival Fashionista style

by Stephanie Stephanie on July 23, 2018

Festival fashion tends to make the majority of people a little nervous, do you dress bold and bright, do you tone it up or down for the weather or do you simply play it safe?

When it comes to what to wear to festival full-of-life blogger, The Festival Fashionista, has it down to tee.

The main thing is to exude confidence and to know that 9 times out of 10, you are in a wonderfully creative and welcoming environment - so, wear what you want with pride! 

The Festival Fashionista wears Musotica

On her blog, she covers festivals worldwide, writing reviews and trend pieces. Often attending the likes of Coachella, Electric Daisy Carnival and even Tomorrowland in Spain.

The Festival Fashionista loves the Musotica festival style, writing to her followers on her blog about ‘going great lengths with long rave maxi skirts’, advising on how to wear the trend.

When asked about the Musotica maxi skirt collection, she said: “I love how they offer more coverage, provide an added layer of warmth, and give off the illusion of an elongated shape!”


The Festival Fashionista is also a giant fan of our rave collection and iridescent rompers, featuring the oh so hot crayola two-tone sequin iridescent romper in her most recent post, the ‘Anjunabeach SoCal review’.

She often posts her gorgeous to-die-for style on her social media channels, with thousands flocking to her Instagram for festival style tips.

She is no stranger to the hottest festivals and has amassed quite a following with her carefree, bold and imitable outfits - defining EDM and dance cultured style.

The Festival Fashionista wears Musotica at Ajuna SoCal

The Festival Fashionista comments on her blog her love for “the ability to express and share your personal style with like-minded individuals.”

Her personal Musotica favorites? Our selection of maxi dresses and rompers, the more iridescent, sequin-embellished or fringed the better!

On her own personal style, she says: “My style is best described as colorful, girly, and glitzy. I’m always up for creating new looks.”

If you need help choosing your next festival fashion, why not take a look at our dedicated festival collection or get in contact with us for style advice?


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