Valentine’s Day for Dummies

by Susanna Wallner on January 31, 2008
Los Angeles, CA, Jan. 31 -- Maybe you’re dating, have a long-term relationship or are married for some years, no matter what circumstances, on Valentine’s Day you want to feel the most loved person in the world.

But as you see your man’s head spinning to make the very best out of this day you shouldn’t underestimate your part. “Women should look sensual, sexy but yet not too revealing,” says Hollywood’s celebrity stylist Sarah Wallner from who is an expert in the field of fashionably- sexy wardrobe styling. “Every woman wants to impress their dates. Your part is to make sure to turn your man’s fantasy on while having a romantic candle light dinner”.

5 effective make-over tips from celebrity stylist Sarah Wallner

Here are five easy ways to enhance your look and become your man’s ultimate Valentine’s sweetheart: Avoid pants. Wear a dress or skirt. No matter what body type you are, every woman will feel automatically feminine and coquettish by putting on a skirt or a dress. If you are tall and slim or short and curvy it is perfectly okay to wear skirts. Don’t listen to old fashion gurus that tell you otherwise. One rule to remember: The shorter the skirt the taller you may look. But if you feel uncomfortable with showing off your legs stay with a length just above your knees.

Be careful with colors and prints. Red is the color of love, but not for your dress. There are only a handful of women that can wear red and then only a certain shades of red. If you’re curvy and short, choose dark and solid colors. The Rule of thumb is that patterns make you look boxier. But when wearing prints, make sure they are little because the bigger the print the shorter you appear. Never combine a printed skirt with a solid colored top or vice versa. Taller women should dress in a combination of lighter colors. A great look is a light colored top with a darker skirt. If you choose a solid colored dress make sure you break it up with a big belt.

Shoes can make or break your appearance. Ballerina flats are a big NO for Valentine’s Day unless you have reason to be concerned that you are taller than your sweetheart. In that case choose ballerinas or sandals with straps, feminine patterns, or enhance them with a bit of bling. My favorites are ankle straps. They are very sexy and can be worn no matter what. Thankfully today’s fashion offers a variety of shoes that women can wear whether they are tall, short, have sexy feet or not. The peep-toe is one of those shoes. If you don’t want to show off your toes consider putting on stockings or choosing a platform or a kitten-heel.

Boots are sexy. There is no doubt about it. If you want to be your man’s fantasy, wear a hot boot with heel. The advantage for shorter women is that they will appear taller. Choose a sexy Go-Go boot which is available in several colors. If you are concerned that your calves are too thick for the shaft try an ankle boot instead. Mark my words, you put on a sexy pair of boots your Valentine will gladly help you take them off later.

Surprise him with playful accessories. As much as Valentine’s Day is about love and seduction don’t forget the fun of it. Dress in fishnets, they are a more playful choice. Have a clutch handbag with a tiny mirror inside. There is nothing more sensual for a man than to observe you putting on your lipstick. Buy a washable tattoo or have your girlfriend paint one on and dedicate it to your sweetheart.

Lingerie makes you feel good. The first and foremost reason to wear lingerie on Valentine’s Day is to make you feel sexy and confident. If you want to hide your mid section go with a chemise, baby doll or mini dress made out of mesh. This provides that your top clothing doesn’t ruffle up. If your weak part is the belly section try a one-piece or a boy-shorts-set. This will keep your curves and at the same time stretches out your mid section. Remember: Knowing that you’re wearing the most seductive undergarments will affect your body language and make you naturally more flirtatious.

Sarah Wallner is known for her consistent approach of styling fashion-forward, sensual, exotic and provocative looks which made her a brand name when it comes to style celebrities and models like Brooke Burke (Rockstar: Supernova), Paris Hilton (The Hottie and the Nottie), Cindy Margolis (Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery), Stacey Kleiber (Dancing with the Stars), Gina Lee Nolan and Tracy Bingham (Baywatch). She has designed campaigns for GUESS, Bacardi,, The Chippendales, Benchwarmer, Miller Light just to name a few.

Nine years ago she transformed her extensive knowledge of being “best dressed in very little” into, a trendy and user-friendly online store, selling a wide selection of Lingerie, Club Wear, Celebrity Bikinis, Halloween Costumes, Stockings, Shoes and Accessories.

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