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by Susanna Wallner on January 31, 2008
Los Angeles, CA, Jan. 31 - Celebrity stylist Sarah Wallner from teamed up yet again with Muscular Development Magazine. This time for an exclusive shoot with Jackie Haas, wife of WWE star Charlie Haas, for the April edition 2008.

For the 8-page concept photo shoot by renowned photographer Per Bernal, Sarah Wallner dressed Jackie in the Nelly Furtado One-Piece Swimsuit which is, besides Musotica’s own crochet swimwear line, the hottest swimsuit item for this summer. With silver thigh high boots this outfit makes Jackie and newly mother the sexiest Musotica Girl.


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Interview with Jackie Haas by John Romano

(As published in Muscle Development April 2008)

Jackie Haas has filled the role …quite amply I might add…of “Miss Jackie”, a knockout pro wrestling diva who has appeared on both World Wrestling Entertainment “WWE” (airing on the USA Network) as well as Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling “TNA” (airing on Spike TV). She has traveled the world entertaining millions of fans, including our fighting men and women over Iraq. Jackie is just coming back into the spotlight after talking time off to have a baby and is now poised and ready to return. Even if you think wrestling is fake, there is no denying Jackie is one major distraction!

MD: OK, Miss Jackie, here we go; vital statistics?

JH: I am 5’7”, 132 pounds, 36-28-32.

MD: Where are you from ?

JH: Strongville, Ohio…near Cleveland.

MD: You’re from a town called Strongville? That’s hot!

JH: I know, right?

MD: How did you get to the wide world of wrestling?

JH: Five years ago I tried out for the reality show “Tough Enough” on MTV. I was going to broadcast journalism and I got interested in fitness modeling and competitions. I had always watched wrestling with my dad back in the day and loved it. When this opportunity came up, I thought it was perfect for me. I senr in my application and was chosen as one of the finalists. During the second season I won, and part of what I won was a contract with WWE. I was with them for four years, then went over to TNA Wrestling on Spike TV.

MD: Where did you meet Charlie? (Sadly, Jackie is married to WWE star Charlie Haas.)

JH: I met Charlie while I was with WWE. I left and he stayed… he’s still there every Monday night on “Monday Night Raw.”

MD: Where can we see you?

JH: You’re looking at me now, aren’t you? I am in negotiations right now to return to TNA after taking off to have my baby. I’ll be back soon!

MD: Your husband is on the road a lot. What do you guys do to keep that from being an issue?

JH: Ha ha! That’s a good question. Well, we met under the circumstance that we are both sex symbols. We understand how that can bring stress to a relationship, but we alos know we each have to play the part. He knows what I am there to do; my job is to kick up the sex symbol factor and that’s what I do. He understands that. So, I have to understand, too. But yeah I get jealous when he is gone and so does he. That’s a cool thing. The bottom line though is that he would be out of his mind to ever be with someone else besides me! Miss Jackie knows what he likes! We have ways of keeping things interesting on the road. Oh that reminds me, I have to update my cell-phone today because it’s not sending complete pictures..i have to get that done before Charlie leaves on Friday…

MD: Have you ever thought of competing in bodybuilding or figure? What do you think of the sport?

JH: I have the utmost respect for any of those competitors. I can only imagine the dedication it takes. I’d like to do fitness, but I don’t have a gymnastics background.. Figure I could do in a heartbeat. I was thinking about it when “Tough Enough” came up. After having my daughter is has crossed my mind, but I am in such a happy point in my life right now, so not right now, but I will be looking into figure someday.

MD: Wrestling is billed as “sports entertainment.” Even if the outcome is contrived, the athleticism is real. What kind of training do you do to stay in shape and do your job?

JH: When you are on the road, it’s all full steam. There is no way to be in wrestling shape unless you wrestle – you have to be in the ring every day. It’s amazing how many miles I can run and as soon as I get in the ring and get bumped it takes the wind out of me. The only way to stay in ring shape is to wrestle. Each day brings something new. The only way you can prepare is to do it as much as you can.

MD: Well, the result is a devastatingly hot body. A body that I am sure is pretty well protected by your husband. Do you ever wrestle at home?

JH: Of course! That’s where I get all my submission moves! Charlie is the kind of guy who really brings it. It’s a good thing he’s 6”3” and 250, so I can’t hurt him. But I try my damnedest! That really keeps our sex life going.

MD: What do you think is the best way to keep your man happy?

JH: Always be the woman that your man fantasizes about. Be yourself, but have a trick or two up your sleeve at all times. Do you mean me or Miss Jackie?

MD: Who’s more interesting?

JH: It depends on what Miss Jackie wants!

MD: What’s better than a cigarette after sex?

JH: A Belgium Waffle with extra whipped cream and me as the cherry? More sex, silly!

MD: What were some of the jobs you worked before you became rich and famous and all that?

JH: I worked at Greek Steak and potato! That’s where I got my shoulders – from making French fries! And I worked at an amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio my senior year in high school. “Sit down, put on your seatbelt and get ready for the ride of your life – and it’s not me!”

MD: What do you think you would be doing now if you weren’t doing what you’re doing?

JH: Oh, I’d be on TV. I think I’d be a weather girl. I’ve always loved being behind the camera; I’d do some writing probably. I’d still be a public figure and be fit and toned and using my sex appeal along the way.

MD: You have to pay pretty close attention to how you look all the time. Does that maniacal after a while?

JH: When is it not? But I think I found the key…since having my baby, my body is much easier to take care of. The stress about what I eat now is much less now. I just seem to make the right decisions with food anyway. Moderation is something I have learned and I am at a point of my life right now where I don’t feel so under the microscope. I know ways of manipulation the system and I know what my body can handle.

MD: Does Charlie train with you?

JH: Well, yes. Some ways more appropriate than others. We can’t train in the gym; he’s too damn strong.

MD: What’s your favorite cheat meal?

JH: Cheesecake, pumpkin pie…pumpkin cheesecake is awesome! Or a big huge bowl of fettucine Alfredo and since I am Polish, just through a loaf of bread in front of me and I’m in heaven!

MD: I heard you just ran a half-marathon. You won, right?

JH: Unfortunately, I didn’t come in first. But I was extremely happy how I did.

MD: In one word, describe the wrestling life.

JH: Chaotic!

MD: It is hard to be a sex symbol?

JH: You have to know what your role is. I am basically a tomboy; I never thought I could be a sex symbol. You have to know what’s going on and have a sense of pride in what you do at all times. If it mean going out to get the mail or to an event… you’re going to be seen. But now that I’ve been out of it for a while, I miss it and I am looking forward to getting back into it.

MD: What’s the last impression you’d like to our readers with

JH: Just be who you are. I know that’s a corny answer, but I am just a person who uses certain assets to her advantage. I am so down-to-earth, it’s unbelievable. Just sit down and have a conversation with me. I am not the girl up on the wall… I am just Jackie.

Check out Jackie Haas at the Muscular development booth at the 2008 Arnold Classic.

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