St. Patrick’s Day

by Susanna Wallner on February 13, 2008
Whether you’re Irish or not, you will most likely be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day (on March 17th) and yes, you should get dressed in something green, the national color of Ireland, land of the fairies. But what to wear, how to wear it and is it possible to look sexy in green? These questions I get asked each year. Yes, Ladies it is do-able.

As long as you stay away from green T-Shirts with jokes on them, here are five tips to look sexy in a playful way:

Choose a sexy costume. A traditional Leprechaun or Lucky Lady outfit looks seductive on every woman. Both have short skirts in black or green, they come with cute ruffles and bustier. They show off your legs and neckline without giving too much away. If you live in a colder region or simply do not want to show off your legs put on some leggings or white stockings with a shamrock print. Costumes, no thank you but still want to look sexy? Try to accentuate your clothing. A green vest with a bowtie is traditional, affordable and sexy if you wear it with something sheer underneath. If you are daring enough you may even want to leave the sheer part out. In case you do not like vests, try a white blouse with green suspenders, a must have for women since Diane Keaton wore them at the Academy Awards. Make sure you wear sexy lingerie like a lace bra underneath.

Accessorize your clothing. There are many ways to prep up your clothing with green accents. If you like hats try a Mini Top hat, green Cowboy styled hat or if you feel groovy go with a disco GoGo hat. In case you want to be more princess like in a funny way, dress up with a pendant necklace saying Irish Princess or simply buy a tiara and a Clover Crop. And if you feel in a real funky mode I recommend shamrock glasses and body accents like a sparkling green strand for your hair, green body gel, maybe a lucky green tooth and green nail polish with shamrocks. Style your legs. In any event you should invest in some sexy leg wear. Garters, stockings, thigh highs or socks, they all come in white or beige with green shamrock prints. Some thigh highs have already green clove or shamrock garters. But you can buy them extra as well. Look for the ones that say Kiss me, I am Irish.

Knowledge Is sexy. Make sure you know some fun facts about St. Patrick's Day. Saint Patrick is one of the patron saints who had died on March 17th ca. 385, a leprechaun is a male fairy, whiskey comes from Ireland and means Water of Life, Irelands national symbol is the shamrock (seamrog), a three leaf clover. Know, that at least 23 US Presidents are of Irish descent i.e. George Washington, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, that Plastic Paddies are people describing themselves as Irish but actually have no clue of Irish traditions. But most important remember how to say cheers in Irish: Slainte Mhath, pronounced Slancha Vah, which literally means To your good health. (Source

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