Sarah Wallner causes hearts to race using denim & lace in latest Playboy spread featuring Playmate Jaclyn Swedberg

by Susanna Wallner on March 01, 2011
Hot model, hot motorcycle, denim and lace. The only remaining elements needed for a memorable Playboy Magazine shoot was a strategic Mulholland Drive Location with city lights shimmering in the background - which is exactly what Sarah Wallner, popular celebrity stylists - had to work with for Playboy's April issue.

Wallner, who also styled the stunning "La Dolce Pam" Playboy Magazine Cover in January featuring Pamela Anderson, was called upon to style April's "Playmate of the Month," Jaclyn Swedberg for the motorcycle-themed layout.

"No question, we had all of the ingredients for a spectacular shoot," said Wallner, founder of'>">, a popular sexy'>">sexy fashion, lingerie'>">lingerie and fitness'>">fitness wear destination. "The challenge was combining equal parts Harley attitude and sizzling femininity through fabric, texture and style to properly frame Jaclyn's undeniable attributes.

"I chose denim for attitude and lace for femininity," said Wallner, who also styles Hollywood celebrities for public appearances, TV shows and feature films. "We styled Jaclyn in long-sleeve lace and denim bra/vest effect with miles of midriff leading to partially unzipped denim shorts. The easiest part was adding designer knee high leather boots, which worked beautifully and only accentuated her long legs."

However, Wallner was quick to point out that you don't have to be top model or Playboy Playmate to "pull off" an equally feminine, but perhaps less revealing look this spring.

"My actor clients and website customers are very interested in contrasting textures to create sexy, yet stylishly inviting outfits," said Wallner, who's celebrity styling flair is very much a part of'>"> "Sometimes, you have to think outside of your comfort zone by combining unlikely textures such as denim and lace, as we did for Playboy Magazine. In other words, anybody can dress with flair of a star."

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